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Yoga Fundamentals Workshop - Hokule'a Academy - 5180 N. Elston Ave. Chicago 60630

Are you new to yoga or feel intimidated in the studio setting? 

I would like to change that. In this workshop we will cover breathing techniques, the basics of meditation, and breakdown 10 yoga poses that are the foundation of many classes including: Tadasana, Chatturanga, Chair, Forward Fold, Up Dog, Down Dog, Warrior 1 & 2, and Trikonasana (Triangle) and Extended Side Angle. These postures are often done incorrectly since students have not had the chance for 1 on 1 instruction in a class.

My goal is to make you comfortable and safe in these poses focusing on proper alignment and how the pose feels in your body instead of how it looks. Many of these postures make up the 'transitional flow' used in many classes, and this workshop will break them all down 1 by 1 with time to practice as well.