Yoga Retreat in Granada Spain

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals & immersing yourself in an environment free of your daily stresses is a a great way to treat yourself, but also get on the fast track to your personal goals. Retreats are tailored to all levels of yoga ability. Everyone is welcome. 

Yoga Shala in Spain

Yoga Shala in Spain

Looking for a relaxing adventure?

 Join Janet & Lucia Yoga to enjoy all Spain has to offer with this 5 day yoga retreat

When: Sunday, August 27th 2017 through Friday, September 1st 2017

Where: Granada Spain (20 min from Granada airport, 2 1/2 hours from Sevilla Airport)

Cost: 895 Euros (Early Bird Pricing is Available) 3 Spots Remaining

Yoga Retreat in Granada Spain

Price includes:

  • Full room and board- 5 night stay - gorgeous en suite rooms, pool on site (single occupancy is an additional 145 Euros)
  • 3 healthy & freshly prepared meals per day
  • 4 yoga classes daily (2 Vinyasa/Energizing 2 Yin/Gentle)we will cater these to the group.
  • Yoga workshops led by several yoga instructors from around the globe, topics TBD based on feedback
  • 1 day trip to the beach
  • 1/2 day excursion to Granada city (dinner and sightseeing)
  • Pick up from Granada bus station Sunday at 2:30 PM. 


Please email with questions Use the drop down menu on this link to sign up with my code (August 27th 2017 by Janet Keogh)

One of the pools at the retreat site in Spain.

One of the pools at the retreat site in Spain.

Yoga Fundamentals Workshop

First Ascent Avondale - 3516 N. Spaulding CHICAGO 60618

Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 3:30pm - 5:00pm - $35 (non members) $30 (members)

Sign up here:

Hokule'a Academy - 5180 N. Elston Ave. Chicago 60630

Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm - $35

Sign up here:

Are you new to yoga or feel intimidated in the studio setting? 

I would like to change that. In this workshop we will cover breathing techniques, the basics of meditation, and breakdown 10 yoga poses that are the foundation of many classes including: Tadasana, Chatturanga, Chair, Forward Fold, Up Dog, Down Dog, Warrior 1 & 2, and Trikonasana (Triangle) and Extended Side Angle. These postures are often done incorrectly since students have not had the chance for 1 on 1 instruction in a class.

My goal is to make you comfortable and safe in these poses focusing on proper alignment and how the pose feels in your body instead of how it looks. Many of these postures make up the 'transitional flow' used in many classes, and this workshop will break them all down 1 by 1 with time to practice as well.


Weekend Getaway in Kohler Wisconsin

You do so much for others, take time for yourself with a weekend of yoga, pampering, relaxation, and so much more at The American Club & Yoga on the Lake in Kohler Wisconsin, just 2 hours from Chicago. A weekend for you to rest, relax & recharge!

When: Friday, March 3rd 2017- Sunday, March 5th 2017 - Completed - 2nd Annual TBD 2018

Where: Kohler Wisconsin (2 hours from Chicago)

Cost: $875 Single Occupancy (King Bed) $650 Double Occupancy (2 Queen Beds) Payments can be made here


Yoga Only: $23 per class drop in

Questions? Please email -