About Janet

I teach supportive, slow flow and vinyasa classes that combine playful, energetic sequences with a deep curiosity about the mind/body connection. My hope is to help each of my students feel as though they can come to a yoga class or retreat to build awareness, release holding patterns, and, ultimately, come home to themselves.

For me, yoga has allowed a re-connection with my authentic self after living through challenging personal experiences. While I have always enjoyed physical exercise, I fell in love with the mindful, contemplative dimension that a yoga practice added to my life. Soon it began to feel as though each practice brought me home to myself: and reminded me of who I am, and how to best align my life with my core values.

Curiosity about the profound change I experienced, led me to dive deeply into the study of yoga, particularly how emotions are held and released by the practice. This led me to the jungles of Nicaragua, where I was immersed in an intensive, full time teacher training with Meghan Currie. The experience was the beginning of a new chapter of my life. In the years that have followed, I continue my studies of the mind/body connection, and have gained great insight through the Trauma Informed Yoga Training (TIYT)  and The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, the seminal book about trauma living in the body.

I believe yoga is a powerful tool that allows us to notice the mind/body connection to better understand ourselves, so we can be the best versions of ourselves and allow our true spirit to shine. I currently teach public classes in Chicago and lead international retreats that foster re-connection and exploration in my students. I think of myself first as a student of yoga and continue to study extensively and widely to deepen my teaching. 

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Bachelor of Arts in Communications from De Paul University
Yoga Sculpt Training from CorePower Yoga
200 RYT with master trainer Meghan Currie
Philosophy teachings with Acharya Aman
Anatomy lessons from Lindsay Mayock
trauma informed yoga teacher (TIYt trained)

1000+ hours of teaching experience with all levels of students in both studio and private settings.

Ongoing learning and exploration of the mind/body connection through workshops and my own practice with wonderful teachers

CPR & AED Certified


Training & Education