Setting Your Intention

in·ten·tion: a determination to act in a certain way

If you have ever stepped foot in a yoga studio, you have probably taken part in setting an intention for the class. Possibly to focus on your breath, be kind to yourself, or just remain present on your mat for the duration of the class. This small notion that you may or may not participate in every time is a great tool for redirecting your life.

What if you set an intention for the next week, month or year? 

Start Small

For a week, when you wake up set an intention for your day...

'I will make myself all 3 meals today." OR " I will enjoy listening to music in my car instead of getting frustrated in traffic." MAYBE "I will be grateful for all life sends my way today."

Write it down if that is helpful, and refer to it throughout the day, or reflect on it as you go to bed, and see how you did. No right or wrong, just see how it feels in your mind and your heart. Were you able to stay true to your intention? If not, no need to feel guilty. Just try again until it feels natural, and this process will start to shift the way you approach your day to day life. 

Intention Setting VS. Goal Setting

As a goal oriented individual, I have found that intention setting is a powerful tool that ultimately helps me reach my goals. 

For example...

My goal in February was to quit my desk job, teach more yoga classes, create a website, and secure a yoga retreat. While my daily intention would change...

"Create a new sequence today." OR "Don't freak out about bills!" OR "Learn something new from someone in class." They all helped me stay on track towards my end goal(s).

By keeping an intention at the forefront of my mind, I have successfully met these goals!!!     (check it out)

Overcoming Roadblocks

So you have a bad day or two, don't beat yourself up and convince yourself this is a waste of time. Go back to your intention and finish out your week strong.

Believe me, there were days my intention was lost and I scraped an entire afternoon in favor of a nap or an evening out to connect with friends. That's OK! Listen to what you need to reset & recharge then get back on track. 

Keep up the Momentum

Like everything else, intention setting takes dedication, determination and discipline. (Motivation helps too, but I'll cover that another time) While patience is a virtue that seems to have missed this yogi, as time goes on, practicing the 3 D's has helped me create the life I want to live.

Sure, the picture may change from time to time, but my bottom line is to live life as fully and boldly as possible. Leading from my heart, and helping as many others as I can along the way. While this path does not come with a large salary or a fancy title, it does afford me peace of mind that I have everything I need to navigate and thrive in this life on my terms, and for that I will be forever grateful.